• Professional disassembly of filter
  • Cleaning and inspection of filter grids or cartridges
  • Cleaning of filter tank
  • Inspection of backwash valve 
  • Lubrication of all O-rings
  • Inspection of manifold
  • Inspection of separator assembly
  • Inspection of internal air bleed assembly
  • Professional reassembly
  • Inspection of air relief valve
  • Inspection of pressure gauge
  • Recharge with D.E. Filter Powder (D.E. Filters Only)​
  • Check for proper operation

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Clear Water Express

Keep it flowing. A well maintained filter is key to a clean pool and helps extend the life of the filter and other components in the pool system. If things don't seem to be working quite right the filter pressure is the first thing that should be checked. We recommend performing this service on a regular service interval of every six months. 



​Our Filter Maintenance service includes...​

Our most popular service starting at just $119.00 per month. This service plan takes the worry out of pool maintenance. Ideal for the customer that wants their pool professionally cleaned and balanced every week.

The most economical plan starts at just $89.00 per month. This value plan is ideal for the customer that takes care of the majority of their own pool maintenance needs but wants a professional to monitor the pool system and balance the pool water every week.

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 Pool Filter Maintenance

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  • Motors
  • Filters
  • Heaters
  • Control Systems
  • ​Plumbing Leaks
  • ​Valves and Actuators
  • Electrical Issues
  • Salt Systems