Jason oversees all the day to day operations including service, repairs and everything out in the field. He has been a licensed contractor for over 20 years and holds a C-53 Swimming Pool Builder and a D-35 Pool/Spa Maintenance license classification. Billie manages the company and holds down the fort. She takes care of scheduling, accounting and marketing. In addition, she fields all of our incoming calls. We are lifelong North County residents and we have great community pride. We are active members in the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce, and are proud parents of a Mission Hills Grizzly and a Cal State San Marcos Cougar.

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How It All Started


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Jason "Head Pool Guy"

Billie "Taskmaster"

In 1975, as a young kid, Jason got his first introduction to swimming pools when his grandfather decided to install a swimming pool in the backyard. Being the oldest grandchild, he was tasked with using the “scooper” to get out the leaves as a sort of right of passage. Although he was only concerned with swimming and playing games with his sister and cousins, grandpa made sure the chores got done and Jason really enjoyed doing it.  At the age of 17, his family bought a house that had its very own pool. The decision was made to hire a professional pool service to handle the pool care. Jason would often chat with the pool guy as he observed him performing his maintenance tasks. One day he told Jason he was going on vacation for a week and offered him the opportunity to take care of some pools and make some extra cash. Jason jumped at the chance and got some basic instructions on how to clean the pools and balance the water. It went well and Jason enjoyed the physical work. Some years later, in the search for a job, he came across an ad for a pool cleaning technician. He remembered how much he enjoyed it, answered the ad, and got the job. He worked hard and tried to absorb as much information as he could, especially about repairing the pool equipment. After several years under the tutelage of his highly experienced boss and mentor, he gained the confidence to go out on his own. Jason and his wife, Billie, made the exciting and scary decision to start their very own business. Since then they have worked hard to deliver the very best pool service and repairs to their customers. Jason's Pool Service Co. is proud to be a family run business with over 25 years experience in the industry.